If you are looking for a family photographer in Barcelona in Spain, Poland or elsewhere, you just found your place! Check how I can help You.

We believe to know our world, our environment, our family, are everyday things that make up our lives from the past, present and future

However, the way we see that reality is always from the same point of view, from the inside out. The memories we create from a trip, from a concert, from a hug, we feel them with immense intensity because we are there, but we don’t see them

Family Photography, gives us a vision from the outside inside, we go from being actors to being spectators of ourselves, in that great representation we call life

It allows us to see and recognize each other in the middle of a wonderful landscape, shouting among the public, or hugging our loved ones with love

It's not about how it looks like. It's about how it feels like.


What does it mean Documentary Family Photography?  It means capturing the essence of who you are, showing your family in the natural way- with all the important moments, all the interactions, the small gestures of love between parents, small smile and big laughs, children doing “messy”, daily routine, getting ready to school, night bath, or grandparents birthdays.  

Family Photography and Reportage is a testimony that incorporates us into those memories. It is another perspective as real as the one we experience, which enriches us by seeing ourselves present in those memories that we cannot see, although we do remember what we felt

This complement to remember, freeze and maintain our lives, our moments, our feelings, sincere, spontaneous, from the eyes of someone who observes, is really a gift

Many of our references to happiness, love, action, fun, or grief come from artificial creations of cinema or television but are only recreations

In family documentary photography nothing is a recreation. It is the reality observed from a professional objective that meets our references, gives them a new meaning and transcends our memory

With those photos reinterpret emotions and moments whose significance may have been blurred.

I will capture your family story, in the honest, intimate, natural and beautiful way.


During the shooting there will be only one photographer- Me. So you don’t have to worry about too many cameras, o flashes. I’m very discreet and you won’t notice my presence. From You side, You can invite for shooting who You want- brothers, sisters. uncle, cousins. The more people the more interesting the experience is


It’s up to you whether you want to do it over the weekend or during the week. There is no single rule. I’m flexible with the dates and for sure we can find a day that is perfect for both sides


For the half day shooting we can choose a location that you like, or we can do it at home. During the Day in Life shoot, I follow your routine. So what you do, I do the same. You just do your normal day life.


I do not have a single pattern according to which I work. I approach each family individually. Let me get to know you, and I will make sure that your family session is shown the way you dreamed it – honestly and naturally, showing the love of your most important ones.

The title of the website says “family photographer Barcelona” which means that I am a photographer in Barcelona, but I work all over Spain, so if you happen to be from the other end of Spain or other country, nothing is lost. It is enough that you want your family life to be immortalized in a special way in phenomenal shots that will bring back extraordinary memories even after many years.

I'm a proud member of:

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  • "Aleksandra is an excellent family photographer, she is nice and close. She does very good work, she is punctual in the deadlines and takes care of the details. She works in Barcelona and around. She is flexible and can adapt to the place and time."
  • "Aleksandra is probably the best family documentary photographer in Barcelona. She has a soul. Her photos always carry a message of Love and Life."
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  • "If you are looking for a family photographer who is creative, funny, with good technique and knows how to capture unforgettable moments, you've come to the right place. I love how she shows life and how she capture unique moments of the families in Barcelona and Spain"
  • "Aleksandra is the best polish documentary photographer who document families and the real life. If you are thinking about hiring the photographer in barcelona or any other place for your day in the life shoot, don't look more. You found a right place"
  • "We had family sessions with Ola and even though we didn't know what to expect from a documentary family photo session, Ola explained everything to us, and we felt very comfortable. We didn't have to pose and smile artificially. The effect exceeded our expectations. We can confidently recommend Ole for family sessions in Krakow. We will definitely use her services more than once"
  • "Es una excelente profesional, tuvimos con ella una sesión de fotos familiar y quedaron preciosas 😍de revista... La recomiendo en especial por q save sacar momentos únicos sin darnos cuenta, esas son las mejores fotos, tan naturales"


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"If you think the photos are not important, wait until you have only them."

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