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aleksandra dynas

Aleksandra Dynas Documentary Photographer in Barcelona

Hi, Nice to see You here!

‘ Sometimes you will never know the value of the moment until it becomes a memory ‘- D. Seuss

Hi, I’m Aleksandra. or Ola

I am Polish.
I’m a photographer
I’m an economist.
I’m libra
I live in Spain, in Barcelona
I used to be big fan of Spice Girls and Kelly Family
My best toy was a small old hippo.
My mother used to call me Matilda when I was young
My father treated me as a boy and he made me climb trees
When I was 4 years old I dropped the jar in the supermarket just because I wanted to see it fall (my mother almost killed me)
I threw myself into the puddle just to make my mother angry ( my mother almost killed me …again)
During a ball, when I was 4, all the girls has costume of princess and I was a …squirrel
I visited around 50 countries and lived in 7
I love coffee chocolate ice-cream and lassi in India
I have 2 tattoos
I was chosen by Canon to participate in the Canon and Magnum Young Photographers Program in France
When I was 20 I jumped with parachute
I’m traveler from heart
I expose my photos in Spain and Barcelona
I’m a speaker and I do my conferences about travels, photography and women who travel alone. Also I talk about challenges in the todays world for women
My photo went to the Semi- Final in College Photographer of the Year
I published my pictures in El Pais, Vanguardia, Periodico, El Nacional (among others)- Spanish newspapers.
I work also in social issuesAleksandra Dynas
I believe that photography is the only material thing that helps us to preserve the past

I won different prices and participated in different international programs. Check them- MY AWARDS

I would say, that I am a girl who one day decided to change the excel for a camera. And to start explore the world and to document it on my own way. With all the beauty, with all the pain and mostly reflecting reality because I believe that there is nothing more amazing that the life itself.

Check my INSTAGRAM to see more of my not published here pictures

I also write a blog about my photos- You can check it HERE

small aleksandra dynas
jumping from plain
aleksandra dynas

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